Shoes from Grandpa

This is a story sack for the picture book, Shoes from Grandpa, written by Mem Fox.
The story is a cumulative tale.  Jessie receives new clothes from different members of her family until she has a whole outfit!  We can act out the story using old clothes and children acting as the characters.
We all had a go at French Knitting to make a scarf for Jessie.  We just used a toilet roll with 4 pop sticks attached to the top.
We learnt to make origami boxes. 
The illustrator uses tissue paper collage to create the pictures in the book.  We all created our very own collage.

Logan Hyperdome Library hosts Butterfly Wings

Where's My Teddy?

Ruby is my daughter's very special teddy bear.  Ruby has Type 1 Diabetes and so does my daughter.  She was diagnosed when she was 5 and was very sick in hospital.  Type 1 Diabetes is an auto-immune disease.  It just happens through no fault of the child or the parent.  She will not grow out of it and she will not get better.  In fact Type 1 Diabetes causes many long term complications like blindness, kidney disease, the need for amputation, shorter life expectancy, heart disease, nuropathy etc.  My daughter has an insulin pump which is connected to her tummy with a line and cannular.  It is better than 5 needles everyday.  The pump is needed to keep her alive.  Without insulin she will get very sick and will die.  So she has to do finger pricks up to 10 times a day to check her blood glucose level and has to count carbohydrates and balance insulin with exercise, food and mood!  For more information go to

Farmer Farmer May We Cross Your Golden Waterfall

The material for this workshop was taken from a research paper written by Duerr Evaluation Reources - The Benefits of Playgrounds for Children Aged 0-5.
What do you think the children in your care could learn from playing this simple game?  They discussed emotional intelligence, social skills, gross motor skills, and cognitive development.
All the EYLF Outcomes can be addressed by playing this simple game. 
This song is another way to enhance language development and social skills and to have fun playing a singing game. 
Dramatising this song is a good way to promote social play, imagination, intelligence and oral language.
Children would gain a sense of identity.
Children are connected to and contribute to their world.
Children gain a strong sense of well being.
Children become confident and involved learners.
Children effectively communicate.
Playing games is lots of fun and this fun will have lasting positive effects on the development of a child.

The Big Wide Mouthed Frog

At each Bringing Picture Books Alive workshop we hand out a resource booklet full of rhymes, songs, activities and lots of ideas to help you to bring alive a favourite book!

Waddle Giggle Gargle

Koobara - Early Years

Workshops and Parent Programs

Puppets are a great way to 'Bring Picture Books Alive'!
Listening to some information about the importance of 'Bringing Picture Books Alive'
Briliant and dedicated early years professionals
Anyone for a game of animal snap!  Cards is a great way to 'Bring Picture Books Alive'!
Does it sink or does it float?
Building Mr Peffers farm from blocks!
The cook and her friend from A Lion in the Night!  They made crowns!!
Why not make a castle to really 'Bring this Picture Book Alive'!
Look at the attachment these children have their mother.  They are also totally engaged listening to an oral story told by Gwen!  At Butterfly Wings we will teach you how to be a great storyteller.  Evryone can do it!
This program was conducted in the library.  If you would like your Council Libraries to facilitate this program, contact us!  We will come to you and train you to conduct this very popular program! 
It's all about rhyme, rhythm and repitition in the early years.  Every Butterfly Wings program begins and ends with a ritual.  This is comforting for children.