World Vegetarian Day

World Vegetarian Day is on 1 October in 2012!
This date is the annual kick off of vegetarian Awareness Month.

The Good Food Song - VEGETABLES
Tune - Old MacDonald had a Farm

Vegetables are good for me
And so I eat them happily
With a carrot, carrot here
and a carrot, carrot there
Here a carrot, there a carrot
Everywhere a carrot, carrot
Vegetables are good for me

Source - Preschool Education

6 months to 5+ Years
A great time to sing this simple song is at meal times or when you are preparing a meal.  You can show the child the vegetable you are about to cut and happily sing this song as they watch on!  If you can dance around the kitchen too the song will become a favourite at this time of day.  Plastic vegetables can be purchased for your little one to use as their own in their own pretend kitchen with their own plastic knives. Substitute the names of all types of vegetables that you eat and even use fruit!  BUT don't foget to change the song to 'fruit is very good for me'!  Drinks and other foods can also be substituted!  If you add a 'YUM YUM' at the end of the rhyme your child might be encouraged to try the food type you are singing about.

Learning Language
Children learn language through repitition and active participation in fun rhymes.  Small babies will understand this rhyme even before they are able to talk - using their receptive langauge skills.  If your child enjoys the rhyme then sing it over and over again.  Vocabulary wil expand as they learn the names for the vast variety of vegetables and foods that we eat.

Dancing around with your child while singing the rhyme exercises the vestibular system and encourages active participation.  This in turn leads to brain developement and language acquisition.  Over months of chanting this same rhyme, children will become more familiar with the words and will be able to sing it independently and with you.  Pause and let them name the vegetable!  Hopefully, this rhyme will help to encourage healthy eating!

One Potato
1 potato, 2 potatoes
3 potatoes, 4
5 potatoes, 6 potatoes
7 potatoes, more!

Count the potatoes by touching your baby and toddler's fingers.  When you get to 'more', pretend to eat up all their fingers and give them a big hug at the end.  Show your older children how this rhyme is a traditional way of finding 'IT' for a game of tag!  Count their fists one by one and get them to put their fist behind their back at the word 'more'! 

The Vegetable Song
Tune - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Carrots, peas and broccoli
Vegetables are good for me.
For my snack and for my lunch
Veggie sticks are great to mucnh.
Carrots, peas and broccoli
Vegetables are good for me!

Source - Preschool Education

Another healthy vegetable song called Broccoli, peas, beans and carrots can be on YouTube perfomed by Hex Thorpe Primary School.  Click on the link to learn this song!