I am not sure what is happening!  Facebook has locked me out of my profile and subsequently I am also locked out of the Butterfly Wings page.  It is very frustrating as I cannot let anybody know what is happening, where I am and that I have done nothing wrong.

I logged in as per normal about 3 weeks ago and up came a box asking me to upload Government ID!  Of course I thought this was a total scam.  After many emails and a week or so, I decided to google this and it seems it is indeed very common.  You see you don't actually have to do anything wrong.  I have done nothing wrong at all.  It could be something as simple as posting too many times in one day!!  Someone else may have reported me for something!!  Unfortunately Facebook does not have to give any reason - they just act.

Nearly 4 weeks later I wait.  I really need to speak to a human but they seem to be non-existent when there is a problem.  I have now entered the world of automatic return emails that thank me for my submission and tell me to not reply!!!  It is all so very frustrating.  If anybody can help me - PLEASE contact me.  Facebook, if you are out there, I think I have done my time now and I would now like to be reinstated.