ECTA Conference

The ECTA Conference was held on the first Saturday of the June/July school holidays.  This year, the venue was Sheldon College in the Redlands.  It was a very successful conference and many teachers agve up their first day of the much needed school holidays to attend.

Gwen and I presented our most popular workshop - WHO SANK THE BOAT Bringing Picture Books Alive.  We had 25 eager participants who took on the activities with much enthusiasm and creativity.  No matter how many times we repeat  this workshop, there are always new ideas to be shared.

A special friend of ours Bronwyn MacGregor, presented a workshop titled Developing a Strong Number Foundation.  She spoke about recognising the 5 principles of counting, exploring use of number, using a developmental framework to enhance a strong number foundation, and shared many resources and experiences in relation to number skills.

If you would like more information about her presentation on number in the early years, please email Bronwyn on

As part of Bronwyn's presentation Gwen put togther a booklet of counting songs and rhymes, stories with number, clapping games and many other ideas and actvities.  You can access your FREE copy of the booklet here - NUMERACY_ACTIVITY_IDEAS_FOR_LITTLE_KIDS_.docx

                                         Gwen and I hope you enjoy the booklet!!